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Sermon audio — “The Lord Reigns” (Psalm 97) — 7/30/17, “Forget Not” (Psalm 103) — 8/6/17, and “Praise His Name” (Psalm 113) — 8/13/17

Thursday, August 17th, 2017

Sermon audio is now up to date (find it here, here, and here and on our Sermons page). In a trio of messages continuing Pastor Ben’s series from the Psalms, we catch a vision for centering our life on Christ, stirring our hearts to worship, and unending praise founded on a full view of God. “The Lord Reigns” (Psalm 97) — Center […]

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Sermon audio — “Is God So Good?” (Psalm 73) & “Desperate in the Darkness” (Psalm 88) — 7/16/17 & 7/23/17

Monday, July 24th, 2017

Sermon audio is now posted (find it here and here and on our Sermons page). “Is God So Good?” (Psalm 73):  Truly, God is good to His people!  In this message, Pastor Ben talks about God’s goodness as it relates to hardship and spiritual turmoil as well as God’s presence, and trusting God’s goodness. “Desperate in the Darkness” (Psalm 88): […]

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Sermon audio — “Overcoming Fear” (Psalm 55) — 7/9/17

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

Sermon audio is now posted (find it here and on our Sermons page). “Overcoming Fear” (Psalm 55):  Cast your burdens on the Lord.  In this message, Pastor Ben gives four reasons why we should cast our burdens on the Lord.  He suggests three actions we can take to do this and several concrete ways to implement these actions.

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